Pre-Primary B

Teachers: Mrs Lyn Aylward / Mrs Valeria Revy                             Education Assistant: Mrs Kath Kirkup

Some websites you can access at home:

Dr Paul Swan – Maths

Here you can find  free materials organised and bundled.

Parents working at home with their children won’t have access to the range of materials that schools have available so they have created activities that require only the most common materials.

Make sure you visit the site often, as the plan includes making tons of new student-focused videos and activities as we go.


A you tube video (Alphablocks)                                                   

Geraldine the Giraffe (phonics)                       

Workout to the Letter Sounds                    

Exercise, Rhyme and Freeze                         

Online Stories                                        

Phonics Website                                                                                             Username: march 20     Password: home

Students can use mathletics.  Login details provided.

Numberjacks on You Tube:


Left and Right


Number Lines

Number Pairs

Big Numbers

Count to 100

Counting down from 20

Days of the Week


Tooty Ta

Grug – a story

Click on these links below for lots of ideas for home:

At home ideas

Home Ideas for Easter Grid

At Home Ideas Fine and Gross Motor Investigations