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Suggestions for keeping your child learning at home:

Play board games with your family – monopoly, scrabble, headache…

Draw – each other, plants, pets, objects, patterns, scenes

Make things out of recycled packaging – robots, mini houses…

Read – books, magazines, newspapers, online stories, comics…This means students reading independently BUT also you reading and discussing what you have read for comprehension purposes.

Write Daily reflection paragraphs

Read beginnings of children’s novels to see how authors describe characters and settings. In fact, read lots of novels!!!

Students have access to Ed Alive which allows them to access Typing Tournament, Words Rock and a few other programs.

Students should practice writing short narratives (write stories), focusing on using descriptive language and accurate punctuation.

Write persuasive texts where you convince the reader of your opinion – For example: dogs are better pets than dogs, swimming at the beach is better than swimming in a pool, everyone should learn to cook… Write an introduction paragraph, 3 argument paragraphs (where you state your reason, explain it, give examples or evidence), a rebuttal (where you have an argument for those with an opposing view to you) and a conclusion. Use STRONG persuasive vocabulary!

Learn times tables with speed and accuracy!

Students have access to Mathletics Online

Watch Maths Antics math videos online – Factors, multiples, rounding, place value of numbers right up to millions, single-digit multiplication, double digit multiplication, lattice method of multiplication, short division, addition, subtraction…

HASS– Students can research and then write a one-page report on the explorer their faction has been named after. Matthew Flinders, Edmund Lockyer, James Stirling or William Dampier. Reports can be typed or handwritten, include an image (computer generated, or hand drawn) and include a copy of links which have been used to get information. It should include the explorers date of birth, date of death and interesting facts about their life. Particularly, with reference to their connection with the Swan River Colony (W.A).

HASS – Research facts about famous world geographical features

SCIENCE – Collect several different sized/shaped leaves from your garden. Draw a scaled sketch of each leaf. Measure its length and width. Record the measurements and any interesting observations about how each leaf looks, feels, smells. You could rule yourself a table to present your findings

Watch children’s movies – discuss plot, problem, resolution, character, setting…

Watch BTN programs online.

Help cook/ prepare family meals – read recipes.

Play games outside, exercise (Walk at Home – heart health YouTube), wash hands, eat healthy food (avoid sweet things)

Listen to music, make music, sing songs…

Above all keep healthy!

Kind Regards

Mrs VC