Forms and policies

Consent Form for Internet and email use, Video and Photo Permissions, Viewing and Local Excursion Consent

Last updated April, 2020


This consent form is essential for your child to have access to the Internet and their email account at Samson Primary School.  It includes Media Consent, Internet Access, Viewing Consent and Local Excursion consent.  The form is valid for the duration of your child’s schooling at Samson Primary School.


Help us to keep our medical records up to date. Please complete the following form at the start of every year and when any changes have occurred. Hand in to your classroom teacher.
Form 1 Student Health Care Summary

Policies at Samson Primary School

Bullying policy includes incident report form

Dress code policy

Headlice policy

Treatment & Controlling Headlice Information Sheet

2015 Head lice – what parents need to know fact sheet

Internet policy

Mobile phone policy includes permission form

Sun smart

Samson 2015 Choices & Consequences May version

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