Student Leaders

 Student Councillors 2018

The Student Council comprises of six (6) year 6 councillors and generally two (2) year 5 councillors (depending on number of applicants).  The year 5 students are in a mentoring role.

Well done to our 2018 Student Councillors

STUDENT COUNCILLORS 2018 SEM 1                                                     Cooper B (5), Sienna B, Samantha G, Mackenzie H (5), Ashlyn H, Charlie J, Kayla S, Matilda W.


LOCKYER     Captain:  Malaika B   Vice: Molly W

STIRLING      Captain:  Nate S          Vice: Zed K

DAMPIER     Captain:  Ella M           Vice: Tyler F

FLINDERS    Captain:  Bianca S       Vice: Adam C