Samson Primary School has established a dress code and your child must wear the school uniform every day.

Our school colours are aqua blue and navy blue.

• top is an aqua blue shirt
• shorts/pants navy blue
• appropriate footwear
• blue and white checked dress with zip front.

Uniform Shop Price List 2017 (updated June 2017) – includes online ordering information

Uniform shop

Uniforms can be purchased form the uniform shop. The uniform shop is open Thursday mornings from 8.15am – 9.00am.

At the start of each term, the Uniform Shop will be open the first week on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (morning only – 8.50am – 9.15am) or until the last customer has been served.

General appearance

children who have long hair are asked to maintain its cleanliness and keep it tied back so that sight is not impeded and general tidiness is maintained.

Personal cleanliness
standards of personal cleanliness are regarded as the pupil’s own responsibility and children are asked to think of the comfort and wellbeing of others during their time at school.

your child should not wear jewellery (especially dangling earrings) or nail polish and makeup to school. This is unnecessary and jewellery can be dangerous at times, particularly during daily physical education. Sleepers are permissible. As with other valuables the school can take no responsibility for lost items. Children will be asked to remove any unnecessary jewellery.