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2019 Zero Waste Lunch Information: Zero Waste Lunch Parent letter

In 2019 Samson P.S. will be participating in the Colgate Community Garden Challenge. All we have to do is collect as much oral care waste as possible and send it in. Please send all your oral care waste to room 7 and then go online and vote for us. See the attached flyer for more details.
Colgate Flyer

2018 Waste Wise Program -Zero Waste Lunch Data Analysis

Since we started collecting and recording data the following statistics have been displayed.


  1. Total number of Waste Items collected:
    2014 – 363                            2018 – 213
  1. Chip/Tiny Teddy Packets
    2014 – 104                            2018 – 50
  1. Pieces of paper/cardboard
    2014 – 67                              2018 – 20
  1. Juice Box/Choc Milk containers
    2014 – 19                             2018 – 8
  1. Pieces of Alfoil
    2014 – 17                             2018 – 7
  1. Pieces of Glad Wrap
    2014 – 61                              2018 – 17
  1. Zip Lock Bags
    2014 – 37                             2018 – 18





  1. Yoghurt Pouches, Yoghurt Cups/Snack Pack Cups etc
    2014 – 28                           2018 – 50
  1. Breakfast Bar/Snack Packets
    2014 – 30                           2018 – 50

The above increases are not huge by any imagination but are obviously areas of concern that could be reduced with affirmative action at home eg buying Yoghurt in large containers and sending it to school in a small container with a spoon and replacing Breakfast Bars with fruit or snacks that can be bought in bulk and placed in lunchboxes with no packaging.

All of our reductions are to be commended and show that the message is getting through. It would be great if by our Zero Waste Lunch this term that Chip Packets, Glad Wrap and Zip Lock Bags could be eliminated completely as these plastics do the most harm to the environment.

Mr Evans & the Green Team.






The table below outlines the current recycling and environmental projects each class and the Green Team are involved in. These projects have been implemented as part of our Waste Wise and Waterwise accreditation and our participation in the Low Carbon Schools Program. (Updated February 2019)

Projects Room/Group

Collection Point

Year Litter Zone
Kindy & PP food scraps. Kindy/PPA, & PPB

Feeding chooks.

Kindy/Pre Primary Pre Primary & Kindy.
Jun. Vegetable patch. Room 1 & 2 1 Area between rooms 1 & 2 and U/C Area
Aluminium ring pulls. Room 3 2 Grassed area outside room 3 & 4.
Aluminium cans. Room 4



Mr Evans

Pathway outside staffroom and grassed area at front of school.


Beauty product


Room 6




Junior Playground Area
Between B\B courts & U/C area
Oral Care Product Waste Recycling. Room 7 4 Outside room 7 & 8.
Mobile phones. Room 8 5 Oval
Newspaper Room 9 5/6 Area between senior block & fence.
Batteries Room 10 6 Undercover area.
Printer cartridges. Room 11 3 Outside room 11 & 12.
Nespresso Coffee Pods


Room12 3 Basketball Courts.
Energy & Water Monitors Green Team PP – 6 Whole School
Plastic bottles, glass, tea bags & coffee grounds. Staffroom/Canteen Staff N/A


Projects above that are benefits to the school over and above their environmental responsibility like reducing waste going to landfill and reducing our carbon emissions are

  • aluminium can and newspaper recycling which provide funds to the school that are allocated to the Kitchen Garden program run by Mrs Dwyer
  • Beauty product and oral care packaging and Nespresso pod recycling that see the school gain points which are redeemable for a $0.01 per point cash payment to the school, organisation of our choice, product bundles, collection materials and charitable gifts.

The projects below are whole school projects initiated by Mrs Dwyer in conjunction with staff to reduce waste and carbon emissions.

Projects Collection Points
Aluminium and steel lids from cans of Milo, Coffee etc for hanging art mobiles to help deter birds from entering the garden. Vegetable garden shed. Children can take to class and they will be taken to shed from there.
Plastic bottle tops off water, milk, juice, laundry and pantry products eg Vegemite for major art work in the undercover area. Vegetable garden shed. Children can take to class and they will be taken to shed from there.
Plastic 500 – 750 ml water bottles for colourful art project in the garden Vegetable garden shed. Children can take to class and they will be taken to shed from there.
Stamps – money raised goes to medical research. Collection box in the library.

Parents/Care givers please set up containers at home for as many of the above items as you can and send them to school as this will also reduce your waste and carbon emissions.

Teachers can you also consider setting up containers for various items so children can see them as this will help them remember items we require.


Waste Wise, Waterwise, Low Carbon Schools committees and Green Team.


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