Click on the link below for educational programs available through the ABC and SBS to engage students in learning.


If you would like to access minecraft education please click on the following link

Minecraft: Education Edition: Homepage

    1. Hover over Support, click on download.
    2. Download Minecraft  using correct platform eg Windows, Mac or iPad.
    3. Once Downloaded open Minecraft.
    4. Sign into Microsoft window using child’s school email address. This is their        eg (Teachers can provide correct usernames if children have forgotten them so if so message your teacher on class dojo)
    5. You will then be taken to the Education Department login window. Log in with child’s username and password which is used to log on to the computers at school. Tick the checkbox and click on Login.
    6. Minecraft will open.
    7. Click on Play
    8. Click on View Library
    9. Click on Monthly Build Challenges
    10. Select a challenge and have a play


Click on the links for some ideas!

  1. Newspaper Play Structures by Inner Child Fun
    2. Foam Block Engineering Challenge by The Science Kiddo
    3. The Painting Machine by My Nearest and Dearest
    4. PVC Pipe Physics for Kids by Fun-A-Day
    5. Lego Candy Dispenser by Frugal Fun for Boys
    6. Easy (and fun) Catapult for Kids to Make by Kids Activities Blog
    7. The Strength of Paper STEM Challenge by Creekside Learning
    8. Play, Think and Build by Hand Made Kids Art
    9. Lego Camping Lantern by Lalymom
    10. Potion Lab by Inner Child Fun
    11. Cardboard City by Lemon Lime Adventures
    12.  Balloon Powered LEGO Car by Science Sparks
    13. Movable Pulley by Carrots are Orange
    14. Observation Walk by Edventures with Kids
    15. Marble Run by Inner Child Fun
    16. Candy Play Dough Structures by Coffee Cups and Crayons
    17. Marshmallow and Toothpick Buildings by The Idea Room
    18. Building with Paper by Deceptively Educational
    19. Build-a-Bridge Challenge by Busy Kids, Happy Mom
    20. Build a Road by Inner Child Fun
    21. Gumdrop Structures Engineering Challenge by The Homeschool Scientist
    22. Building with Straws and Paper Towel Rolls by Frugal Fun for Boys
    23. Paper Building Blocks by Babble Dabble Do
    24. Straw and Play Dough Web by Rainy Day Mum
    25.  Read about Engineering!


This year students in rooms 9 and 10 took part in the Circuit Breakers Program by Western Power. The program involved 3D printing, making circuits and interacting with actual engineers.

Circuit Breakers Presentation