Green Team

Samson is an accredited Waste Wise School

Recycling depots & Litter zones

Term 1, 2018 Green Team Members

PPA Grace Parker, Sam Warner-Jones

PPB Gabriel Whittaker, Jasmine Tully

Room 1 Ewan Bailey, Charlie van Sittert

Room 2 Sylvie Cowling, Kitty Marshal

Room 3 Finlay Saitch, Sydney Roberts

Room 4 Aaron Fitch, Cienna Dunn

Room 6 Hayden Smith, Sienna Fernandez-Lewis

Room 7 Gus Guguman, Abbey Pina, Lana Nicholls

Room 8 Matthew Hine, Jasmine Parker

Room 9 Cooper Barron, Ella Crozier

Room 10 Will de San Miguel, Aiden Kuduzovic, Sienna Bennett

Room 11 Indy Sun, Jade Filippi

Room 12 Vincent Nicol, Sade Madeira

The Waste Wise committee welcome the selected and elected students who will make up the Green Team this year. As with previous years their role will include attending meetings when called, returning to class and passing on information, monitoring classroom and playground waste initiatives, reporting areas of concern and providing ideas for new initiatives regarding waste at Samson P.S. and ensuring that our energy, water and gas conservation initiatives as per our participation in the Low Carbon Schools/Climate Clever programs are maintained. They will also be able to reward students seen doing the right thing with house points.

Green Team member’s responsibilities :
1. Hand out House Points to students that display good Waste Wise behaviours in the playground and garden.
2. Return to class and inform the teacher or classmates of items discussed at meetings that affect them.
3. Remind classmates and peers of their responsibilities regarding paper and cardboard recycling.
4. Attend meetings and inform the team of any celebrations of success that need to be recognised and also if there are issues that need addressing.
5. Collect lunchbox waste during recess and lunch on Zero Waste Lunch days.
6. Suggest activities or events that could promote Waste Wise behaviours at school and in the community.
7. Be involved in the school’s participation in the Low Carbon School’s program.
8. Above all display and model to the rest of the school behaviours that promote the Waste Wise message.