Student Health and Wellbeing

Samson Primary School is registered as a Be You Learning Community.

The most effective approach to mental health prevention and promotion is one that involves the whole learning community – including leaders, educators, children, young people and their families, and the wider local community.

This is what we call a ‘whole learning community approach’, and it involves working together with all members of your learning community to create change. It’s about building a positive and inclusive environment which promotes resilience and allows every child, young person, educator, and family member to achieve their best possible mental health.

A Be You Learning Community is a school or early learning service which has committed to a whole learning community approach to mental health and wellbeing. It has active support from leadership, with an Action Team Leader and team ready to drive change and take action.

Samson Primary has access to a Be You Consultant to support our school.

Be You Consultants have extensive knowledge about mental health and wellbeing in schools and services, and understand the important link between wellbeing and learning success, as well as educational priorities in your state or territory. They can also give advice on mental health services and supports in your local community.

Keep an eye out for more mental health initiatives coming in 2021.  Please have a look at some resources that families can access below:



Youth Beyond Blue:

Bite Back:

Kids Helpline:


Family members may need assistance too: 

Mental Health Emergency Response Line;plines/mental-health-response-line/

Family Help Line: 92231100

Parenting WA Line: 6279 1200

Crisis Care (Crisis Counselling): 9223 1111

For urgent assistance

Police/Ambulance: 000

Child & adolescent Health Service Urgent Mental Health Telephone support for children and families: 1800 048 636

Parents are advised that, if they need urgent mental health advice and support for themselves or their child, there is a
24 hour crisis support line
1800 048 636.

Online Service Support for Parents:

How to chat with your teen about CoVid-19 and other issues:

Something to do at home

Some inside fun …

M&M Suck Up

Each guest gets 2 plates, 1 empty & 1 with 10-20 M&M’s. Using only a straw, they have to suck the M&M up & move it to the empty plate.

Balloon Blow

This game is super fun & works best in teams of 2 or more. Set up a stack of cups in front of each person. They must then blow up a balloon & use the air in the balloon to knock over as many of their cups as they can.

Sprinkle It

Fill 1 empty bottle with sprinkles or Cheerios. Each guest has to dump the snacks out of the bottle & get them into another empty one before time runs out.

Ball Scoop

Using only your mouth & a spoon you must scoop up & transfer 5 ping pong balls from 1 bowl to another.

Balloon Keep Up

This game works better in teams of 2-3 people. Each person is given two balloons of the same colour. For 1 minute they have to keep both balloons in the air.

Blindfolded Bowling

Set up several bowling pins. If you don’t have pins then you can use plastic bottles or cans.

Then bowl blindfolded. Take as many turns needed within your minute.

Looking for more?

Mentally Heathy Apps (download for free)

Head Space

Smiling Minds

Beyond Blue

Act Companion (free code to unlock everything is – TOGETHER)


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