Community Health staff visit our school on a regular basis.  One of the services offered is a health assessment when children first commence school.

Children’s vision and hearing are checked and any developmental health concerns are explored through this assessment. 

The school health nurse can provide parents with information about health, development, immunisation and or other child or family health related assessments.

Our school health nurse is Kirsty Beach.  If you would like an appointment or to speak with Kirsty please contact the school.


The Coolbellup Dental Therapy Clinic provides a free service for children between Pre-Primary and Year 11 or until your child turns 16.

The Dental team comprises of a dentist, dental therapist and dental clinic assistant.

The opening hours are Monday to Friday from 8am until 4pm.  You can contact the clinic on 9337 7256

Our school chaplain is Joel Candy.  Joel works at our school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Joel works within the school as part of our team by: 

– Building relationships with students, families and staff.
– Offering pastoral care.
– Being a mentor.
– Providing additional practical help for teaching and administrative staff.
– Offering input into spiritual and ‘meaning of life’ questions.
– Being a positive role model.
– Providing a link between schools and local communities.


BUZ PROGRAM (Build Up Zone)

Our students participate in this program which is facilitated by Joel Candy, our Chaplain.  BUZ uses games, stories, activities, role plays and much more to introduce and develop a common language around such topics are friendship, handling emotions, resolving conflict and becoming bully proof.

The BUZ Program links in closely with elements of the Health Learning Area of the Western Australian Curriculum and are designed to help students develop in the areas of emotional literacy, self-regulation, social competence, positive peer relations and interpersonal problem solving skills.


The Unstoppable Me Program is a school wellbeing program that our students participate in once a year.  This program is facilitated by Linda from Wellbeing 4 Kids.  It combines physical stretches, breathing and relaxation exercises.  The students learn important techniques to de-stress, self-empowerment, and relaxation techniques.

Our teachers use the strategies and techniques learned from Linda and implement these exercises into their daily routine.