A message from our principal - Rhonda Spencer

Thank you for your interest in Samson Primary School.

Our teaching/learning programs are effectively maintained by an experienced, capable staff, most of whom have attained ‘Senior Teacher’ status. The social and emotional development of our students is given high priority through the teaching of virtues (values). Technology is used extensively as a tool to support the teaching/learning programs with Interactive Whiteboards in all primary classes.

Daily fitness sessions are an integral part of our P.E./Health program and an extensive range of sporting activities are experienced. As well as traditional sports, cross country running and junior triathlons are offered. Beach swimming lessons are enjoyed by our senior students.

The Arts Learning Area is gaining an enormous reputation. The opportunities offered both within our school and through numerous outside sources means students that have an interest in this area are well placed. Performing arts performances at assembly, graduation, music and art festivals that combine music, visual arts and drama have been hugely successful due to the work of enthusiastic teachers and a supportive school community.

In more traditional Learning Areas Samson has always excelled. Our results compare favourably with measurements like NAPLAN comparing us to like schools. Samson graduates are eagerly sought by local secondary schools, both government and private demonstrated by the numbers of scholarships offered to our graduating students.  Students are given many opportunities to develop their leadership qualities and to improve their academic standing.

Samson Primary has developed an excellent pastoral care program with virtues, rights and responsibilities underpinning all that happens and, as a result, our behaviour management issues are rarely serious.

Student placements into Samson Primary School are eagerly sought by parents from surrounding districts, due to its reputation as a quality school. The school uniform is worn proudly and the exemplary behaviour of its students is given constant and well deserved recognition from the community at large.