As of January 2022, OSHClub will be the service provider as Samson Primary School's dedicated onsite Before School, After School and Vacation Care provider.

Samson OSHClub Program Benefits:

  • OSHC spaces are filled with a wide range of play-based learning resources and equipment to meet the interests of all children
  • Affordable session fees, with no additional charges for casual bookings.  Enrolment fees are not charged.
  • Majority of team members are permanent, so you and your child/ren will have the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships.  Staff provide a safe, caring and stimulating atmosphere.
  • Management team is based in South Perth, and make regular visits to school sites.
  • Offer an extensive range of activities that cater for the social, intellectual, physical, recreational and emotional needs of all children.  

Enrol online at https://www.oshclub.com.au/