Physical Education

Physical Education/ Health Program at Samson Primary School


This year we congratulate

Ewan and Samson Captain and Vice-Captain of FLINDERS

Lily and Chayce Captain and Vice-Captain of LOCKYER

Leo and Eden Captain and Vice-Captain of STIRLING

Coen and Phoenix Captain and Vice-Captain of DAMPIER


The staff at Samson Primary School prides itself on the high quality of the physical education support program.

The programs undertaken by the physical education/health teacher are diverse and have been researched through the latest Professional Development programs.

The student’s physical abilities are catered for by the various unique programs being offered starting from Kindergarten and continuing through to Year Six.

On entering Kindergarten the children are immediately immersed into the Physical Education program. Activities involve the development of perceptual motor skills, fine and gross motor skills and coordination. These are achieved by the specialist weekly physical education lessons. Emphasis at this stage is placed on enjoyment, participation and skill building.

As the children move through the school their exposure to a huge variety of sports and activities becomes noticeable.

In the Junior Primary Year levels children receive Educational Gymnastics tuition. This program focuses on the six dominant movement patterns, spring, swing, statics, rotation and landings. Progressing onto complex skills such as cartwheels, handstands and rolls in all directions. The program is constantly undated to follow curriculum guidelines and current industry trends. Throughout the program the students are given questions and answers about sport, healthy eating and fitness.

The specialist teacher compliments and builds on from the skills achieved in this area with the introduction of sports such as T-Ball, Tennis, Basketball and Cricket. At no stage is any sport designated male or female and all children are encouraged to enjoy the learning experience.

Self esteem and confidence are two of the most focused character building aspects of our Physical Education Program. The ability to feel confident in the water and the knowledge of self preservation are the fundamentals behind the introduction of swimming lessons. These also are implemented from Pre-Primary and continue through to Year Six. The introduction of beach swimming lessons in Year Six is an added highlight – with the children being exposed to elements and situations and learning how to deal with these in their future life.

Children at Samson experience a variety of sports. On many occasions more experienced personnel are invited to give professional tuition. Sports such as football, rugby, cricket, basketball, hockey, golf, netball, soccer and lacrosse are catered for. Stemming from this, teams consisting of Samson Primary students are entered into association’s fixtures and interschool competitions are attended.

Samson Primary School is a member of the Cockburn Districts School Sports Association. We compete on a regular basis with up to ten other schools in the district in team Summer Sports (rugby, cricket, lacrosse and basketball), Winter Sports (netball, football, hockey and soccer), Athletics Carnival, Cross Country Running and Girls Multi Sports Carnival. Samson prides itself on participating with sportsmanship qualities yet maintaining a competitive nature.

Through our virtues program, school honour certificates and weekly sports awards the children are always positively rewarded for not only their ability but for their own personal striving to achieve.

Samson is fortunate in that we often have requests from local high schools, North Lake Senior Campus and the Instep Program to assist with students wanting to experience work in the teaching field. These people provide valuable assistance not only to the teacher but also to the students, giving them individual attention and assistance where needed.

Samson Primary School staff is committed to the overall well-being of all of its students. Health is taught by the Physical Education teacher. This allows for a blending and reinforcement of all topics in the curriculum and for greater contact between teacher and student thus giving each a better understanding of differing circumstances.

Swimming lessons

All students in Pre Primary to Year 6 will attend the Department of Education's Interm Swimming program.  The details can be found at

Parents may also choose to take their children to the VacSwim program offered during the school holidays.  The school will notify families when enrolments open however you can find information at